Message from Head of Medical Laboratory Technology Department

Voon Ah Kim

Voon Ah Kim

Head of Department ­ Medical Laboratory Technology

Kolej ITA had already set a milestone as being the first IPTS in Sibu to conduct 3­year full time Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology programme in May 2014.

The well balanced and comprehensive programme structure, coupled with the theoretical and practical aspects of the laboratory sophisticated technical, analytical and critical thinking skills, will prepare the students to perform laboratory analysis and provide precise information to physicians, who help doctors to diagnose and treat patients, as well as monitor and prevent diseases.

An important component of the Kolej ITA Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology programme is the compulsory laboratory placement at Government/private medical laboratories and hospitals. The placement opportunity provides the students with hands­on practical skills and trainings in the main components of Biochemistry, Hematology, Blood Transfusion, Immunology, Histopathology, Cytology, and Microbiology. The curriculum is based on the requirements of Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and is fully approved by Ministry of Education (MoE) .

The graduates are known as Medical Laboratory Technologists, can work effectively in multifaceted roles in a variety of settings in Government or private hospital laboratories, private clinical laboratories, Government health laboratories, universities and research institutions. They will exercise good judgment, ethics and appropriate decision making abilities to serve the ever demanding needs of the community and the health profession in the healthcare industry locally and internationally.

Duration: 3 years ( 6 semesters)

Entry Requirements

For Science stream students: 

Any Three (3) credits in SPM including any two passes in science based subjects.

Must pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris and Sejarah.

For Art stream students:

Any Three (3) credits in SPM including any one science based subject.

Must pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris and Sejarah.

Financial Assistance

Tuition Fees are covered under PTPTN Loan with Terms and Conditions (applies only to Malaysians) .


Employees Provident Fund (EPF): Employees Provident Fund Withdrawal Scheme


  • The MLT course is conducted for a period of 3 years or (8) semesters.
  • Lectures of theory input are conducted in the lecture hall and the hands­on practical sessions are done in the teaching laboratories.
  • Clinical attachments / practices are conducted in the approved hospitals and health clinics.


  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Microbiology I
  • Statistic & Mathematic
  • Basic Biochemistry
  • Immunology
  • Chemistry Pathology I
  • Haematology I
  • Anatomy Pathology I
  • Computer Application
  • Medical Parasitology I
  • Medical Parasitology II
  • Immunohaematology l
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Haematology ll
  • Chemistry Pathology II
  • Medical Microbiology II
  • Cytology
  • Anatomy & Pathology II
  • Immunohaematology II
  • Chemistry Pathology III
  • Medical Parasitology III
  • Immunohaematology III
  • Thinking & Analysis
  • Anatomy Pathology lll
  • Clinical Chemistry Pathology IV
  • Clinical Medical Microbiology III
  • Clinical Medical Parasitology IV
  • Clinical Haematology III
  • Clinical Immunohaematology IV
  • Clinical Anatomy Pathology IV
  • Clinical Cytology


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