Kolej ITA Students Affair Department

The Student Affairs Department plays a huge role with a diverse and complicated set of responsibilities in developing the students that graduate from Kolej ITA these days. It must create conditions throughout campus and departments that motivate and inspire students to pursue educationally purposeful activities, both in and outside the classrooms. The better the balance between curriculum and co­curriculum, the more students gain. It also must help to ensure that student learning and student development are seen as inseparable in a positive and supportive ITA campus environment.

The student Affairs Department must function in ways that recognize that students benefit from many and varied experiences during their years at the College and that learning and personal development are cumulative, mutually shaping processes that occur over an extended period of time in many different settings. It must also enhance interactions between students and their campus environment which shapes attitudes, readiness to learn and the quality of the college experience.

Incidentally, most aspects of the informal education and the extra­curricular activities of students fall on the laps of the Student Affairs Department, usually charged with or expected to perform functions which regularly fall under the following heading:

  • Orientation for Fresh Student
  • Students’ Clubs/Societies
  • Student Council
  • Counselling and Career Services
  • Students’ disciplinary matters
  • Security of Life and Property

Another major role for the Student Affairs Department is the responsibility to provide and interpret information about students for the College to understand and service the contemporary and emerging ITA student population with a better learning environment and resources.