Kolej ITA Registry Department

The Registry Department is a part of the dynamic and resourceful ITA management, supporting the college mission by providing important guidance to its well­educated and highly motivated academic community. It is also charged with the implementing and administering academic policy established by the academic faculty (and its committees) in conjunction with the CEO/Principal, the Dean, Heads of Department and all academic officers. Its performance is achieved in accordance with academic policies and procedures established by Kolej ITA, in conjunction with rules and regulations established by accrediting agencies of the Government and professional bodies.

On the day-­to-­day administration of the College, the Registry Department also functions as a service department which is offering a wide range of academic and administrative services associated with records, registration, advising, and graduation services for students, departments and staff. It performs a vital key role in upholding the integrity, accuracy, security and confidentiality of the academic records.

It is very important for ITA students to understand this role to ensure them to have a very successful academic career in the College, from admission to graduation. Hence the Registry Department therefore plays a prominent role in the academic life of the Kolej ITA with integrity, honesty and transparency.