Kolej ITA Marketing Department

With a better understanding of the fast changing market and student needs, the marketing department serves as a beacon for guiding Kolej ITA on which promotional and marketing strategies to use. Marketing is the fundamental activity of the College. It is a part of the College everyday activities and experiences. It is responsible for organizing events, such as exhibitions, seminars, sales conferences or customer hospitality events.

With the goals and guidelines set by the marketing department should, by design, be in line with the vision and mission of Kolej ITA, the top management and all the departments work and cooperate together as a professional team to serve the students effectively and efficiently. It is also the driving force in building and sustaining meaningful and valuable student relationships. With the continuous student feedback, its duties are almost always tied to increasing Kolej ITA’s continuous growth.

Since communication is a vital for reaching potential students, the marketing department creates desirable promotional materials and advertisements, include brochures, sales letters, visual aids for sales reps, e­newsletters, email, facebook and website, to create attention and interest for prompting students to seek additional information or to apply or to visit the campus.

Hence the marketing department typically has a better understanding of the market and customer needs and knows how to determine the best way to reach those potential students.