Kolej ITA Library Department

Kolej ITA library shoulders an important mission; disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge among ITA community. The library together with its teaching staff and teaching facilities and equipments are the “three backbones” for the Kolej ITA’s quality education.

In Kolej ITA education, the library is also the extension of class teaching. It is both a reference and a lending library where most of the ITA students choose to do their self study voluntarily. Being one of the most important facilities in Kolej ITA, the library is the favourable and harmonious center for continuous knowledge acquisition and professional development for the College staff and students. It also provides the following functions such as references, computer access, printing services and book loans on various subjects.

With its advance computer access facility, the library can ease the students’ tasks of digital information collection and retrieval and intelligence transmission in shortest time for promoting students’ comprehensive, scientific and cultural qualities.

A common quote states “No high­quality library, no high­quality college education.” Therefore, to emphasize on the functions of library in quality education is very necessary. Hence ITA students diligently make the best use of the  library which would eventually cultivate them into the high­quality talented and independent thinking graduates for the employment of the healthcare industry.