Kolej ITA Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is to perform the human resources functions of Kolej ITA in support of the College’s staff, leadership and mission. These functions include payroll, salary and competitive staff benefit administration, employee recruitment, professional development, and other services. Its services are crucial to the effective and efficient operations of all departments within the College.

It strives to recruit and retain a diverse blend of talented and enthusiastic individuals who will take full advantage of the College’s positive, supportive, and constructive work environment and resources available to them to share their strengths and shape their collective future careers in Kolej ITA.

The Department rewards the College staff’s ideas and initiative, where differences are celebrated and all their viewpoints are welcome and where their needs are recognized, their goals are encouraged, and their success is a priority.

It is committed to communicating, supporting, caring and developing a high quality of working culture for all the staff in the College. Through further personalized service and consistent application of rules, regulations, policies and procedures, contribute to building and supporting Kolej ITA community that respects and values all employees’ contributions towards maximizing the student’s experience at Kolej ITA, which provides and enhances the quality learning and growing environment for the students to be successful.