Kolej ITA Examination Department

The office of the Examination Department is one of the most important offices in the College.  The effectiveness of running a college depends on a well planned and co­ordinated examination system. The College is entrusted with the authority to train professional for both public and private sectors. These professional are subjected to college examinations in order to assess their capabilities.

The Examination Department is committed to working in partnership with the Academic Department and Registry in order to deliver a high quality examination and assessment system that is efficient, fair and accessible and to ensure that the system is operated in an environment of openness, transparency and accountability.

The staff supports the examination department in implementing approved examination regulations and conducting exam administration for exam board in various programmes of study. This includes the administration of exam registration and cancellation and similar work, such as grade registration, issuing certificates or transcripts, and checking admittances or non­admittances to exams and final theses.

The specific functions of the Examination Department consist of:

  • Preparing of examination timetables for all programmes.
  • Processing and co­ordinating of all college examinations with confidentiality.
  • Providing the necessary examination logistics and materials.
  • Ensuring examination standards and procedures are adhered to.
  • Facilitating invitation and working of external examiners at the end of the academic year.
  • Proper updating and keeping of bio­data of students.
  • Issuancing of Statement of Results.
  • Issuancing of Student Academic Transcripts.
  • Issuancing of Notification of Result for graduating students.
  • Issuancing of Certificates for diploma.
  • Publishing of students’ enrolments list.

Hence the effectiveness of running Kolej ITA depends on a well planned and co­ordinated Examination Department.