Kolej ITA Bursary Department

The Bursary of Kolej ITA is the financial engine room of the College, headed by the Bursar who is responsible to the principal/CEO for the day ­to day administration and control of the financial affairs of the College. The Bursary is also an integral part of the College whose primary functions include the following:

  • To provide a comprehensive and effective set of financial services relevant to the aims and needs of the students, staff and college.
  • To perform, monitor and control documentation, preparation and recording of all financial budgets, transactions and statements of the College­Income and Expenditure with prudency and integrity.
  • To perform collection of Students fees and payment of bursary.
  • To do preparation and payment of staff salaries, allowances, insurance, contract, pensions and gratuities.
  • To assist and coordinate annual budgets with input from heads of Departments and to provide regular reports on expenditure incurred by all costs centres, and to ensure the solvency and financial stability of the College.
  • To properly maintain all records of fixed assets and stocks so that their fair values can be easily ascertained at each reporting period.
  • To develop, maintain, and implement sound automated accounting systems and create cost effective and innovative solutions to changes in regulatory requirements.

Hence the Bursary is the day­to­day administration and control of the financial affairs of Kolej ITA.