Kolej ITA Academic Department

The Academic Department supports most aspects of academic administration including implementation of departmental academic rules so as to maintain the academic standards of the Department, assignment and reassignment of academic and administrative duties of departmental staff, leadership in planning the development of the department, encouragement of effective curriculum development and innovation in teaching and learning, resolution of student grievance and disciplinary problems and preparation of departmental sections of the calendars and timetables.

The Academic Department works closely with all the departments in helping to coordinate student support from counselling through to clinical postings, examinations and graduation. It provides a variety of programs designed to meet the needs and enhance the educational experience of the ITA student community. It is also dedicates to provide a wide range of student services, including tutoring, academic coaching, and academic support. Whatever students’ area of study, their department is a place to:

  • explore into their discipline;
  • forge relationships with mentors;
  • decide on a plan for their clinical posting;
  • attend lectures, seminars, and other events;
  • seek advice about programmes and careers.

Hence it provides a key relationship link between the College administration and the ITA student community.